An animal, native to the Islands of New Zealand. Common traits include Shouting incoherent garble(also known as the "haaka"), fondness for sheep and its ablity to eat, sleep and sh#t, all at the same time.
Hide your sheep mate, here comes another bloody Kiwi!...
by bonza bob July 30, 2004
1 A bird too reatarded to fly, but it makes up by laying eggs the size of its own body.

2 A fruit that is not sour enough to be a lemon, but too small to be a coconut .

3 A term for a deasesed female reprodutive organ that is too green to be considere a blue wafle.
EX1: Damn kiwi stole my glasses.

EX2: Dammit, why'd ya put that kiwi in my drink.

EX3: God dammit Joe, how the hell did you have sex with that kiwi.
by Aint nobody got time fo dat May 16, 2013
This is a girl who has had a rough past because some girl couldnt stand how utterly lovable she is. Kiwi has been through a ton of stuff that would make anyone depressed or even want to end their lives, but she still comes to school every day with that beautiful smile that could knock any man out with a single look. She is the strongest woman i have ever met, and i will continue to admire her witt and charisma. She is an amazing actor, a outstanding singer, and the world smartest person. Kiwi is a blond beauty who dosent let any get her down. She hugs, pokes, BITES, and licks almost everyones necks, arms or fingers. She has the funniest reaction to people touching her neck due to a mortal fear of it, and also hilariously fears the peacock. I am glad i have met this wonderful person and couldnt ask for a more special person to share a school with. Kiwi is amazing in everyway and anyperson who hates her is afraid of her. Everyone should love this crazy girl because she will always make you laugh or give you advice or even just listen to any of your problems no matter how small. she is special.
who is that loud person making noisies in the back of the class room?
oh thats just Kiwi of course.

why do you have teeth marks on you?
got a hug from kiwi.
oh haha yeah she does that.

who is that girl tripping in the hall?
Kiwi, yeah she's a cluts but she is a fantastic friend.
by NeverMetAGirlLikeHerILoveHer July 01, 2012
A small brained, remarkedly stupid, short sighted animal that lives its life by the mantra 'Cheap, cheap, cheap'.

Also a flightless bird in New Zealand.
Speak slowly mate, there's a Kiwi listening." Also "How do you get a drink out of a Kiwi? Put your fingers down his throat, coz he sure won't buy you one!
by Pastor Kidneys October 09, 2010
Female sexual organ
omg, he totally just tried to put his banana in my kiwi!

dude, dont touch my kiwi
by xanarchy_kitty October 16, 2009
A slang term for a pair of extraordinarily large testicles.
"My boyfriend has a set of kiwis."
by alorarose April 15, 2009
An imaginary person from Brazil who is awesome at everything he does.
Who do you think you are, Kiwi or something?
by Jenson the Kiwi Guy October 23, 2008
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