Brown fingers. the remenants of ass mungling
Robx had a kit-Kat after taking a space ship through the ring of Uranus.
by callin' robster a twat October 08, 2004
dunk in tea then shove up arse
anyone ready for a kitkAT
by daniel singleton April 03, 2004
A dumb word for a girls snatch.
I love pussy.
by MC October 26, 2003
one ugly girl named katherine
damn, kitkat is ugly
by tom April 17, 2005
A kit kat is a type of chocolate that is very popular! It is typically served frozen, or handed out at Halloween time.
I got a Kit Kat on my candy bucket!

Mom, can I get a Kit Kat from the shelf?
by Kate Dare October 23, 2015
A girl's private parts
"My dress is too short, someone's going to end getting a view of my Kit-Kat."
"Do you know any spas that give vajacials, my Kit-Kat needs one."
by Geekkitty June 09, 2015

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