A person who has no regard for anybody and has no respect for others. Usually a forum bitch who always tries to act like she is the queen of the world. No lifer who disregards rules and wishes for the whole world to contract AIDs and die. Just a miserable piece of shit.
Stop being such a kitkat...

Follow the rules. You don't want to be banned like kitkat!
by lololololkitkat August 17, 2009
Brown fingers. the remenants of ass mungling
Robx had a kit-Kat after taking a space ship through the ring of Uranus.
by callin' robster a twat October 08, 2004
A kit kat is a type of chocolate that is very popular! It is typically served frozen, or handed out at Halloween time.
I got a Kit Kat on my candy bucket!

Mom, can I get a Kit Kat from the shelf?
by Kate Dare October 23, 2015
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