1- vagina in arabic, common word used in the lebanese dilect to describe a woman's vagina

2-Also used express common anger or disappointment
1- This woman has a shaved kiss!

2- John:What happened Larry?
Larry: I wrecked my car. Kiss ekhet hal chaghle be ayre(translates: fuck this shit!!)
by MEastern Urban researcher August 01, 2009
the cure to all EVIL!
The angry devilish man kissed me and then i fell in love even tho he had just tried to kill me with his huge steak
by Carly2010 August 08, 2006
An amazing band, with hitz like "hard luck woman" and a song i love... "forever"
KISS kicks serious ass!
by melissa November 05, 2002
The most fucken awesome band in history.
Kiss are so fucken cool i bet steve touches himself thinking about them sometimes
by Dan March 16, 2004
one of the best bands in the world (just my opinion) with hits like "do you love me" "shout it out loud" "rock n roll all night" and too many more to list
by Amanda Hawfitch March 27, 2003
kiss is the best band in rock n roll. if i lived in the 70's i would fuck paul stanly i would be his personal groupi. i like the other guys to their music rox.
kiss the greatest band from the 70's.
by weed rox May 22, 2005
Translation for "pussy" in Arabic.
- kiss ommak >> "your mom's pussy"
- kiss ikhtak >> "your sister's pussy"
- kiss im ili khala'ak >> "fuck the pussy of the person who gave birth to you"
- yil aan kissak >> "condemn your pussy"
by Anonu April 11, 2005
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