The kiss is the last part of a turd. Its the last small piece that drops out and tends to look like a hershey's kiss because it trails off at the end. A kiss can also be produced by pinching off before the turd has fully evacuated.
Somebody took a dump, got up too fast and left a kiss on the seat!
by The phreak May 05, 2012
When trying to parallel park a car in too small a space. (Especially in regards to NYC), You are allowed to "kiss" the bumper of the car in front of you, and behind you. Just as long as it's a kiss, and it doesn't leave a mark. In other words, the two elements touch gently, and nobody is the wiser.
In Chinatown, you're lucky to get a space, and if you do, you're bound to kiss the car in front of you, and behind you. At least leave a couple of inches so they can get out!
by lola lasagna May 17, 2009
To touch lips with another person, the act of the lips pressing against each others is a kiss
Leth kissed krish and she enjoyed it .
by AnimalBrah August 20, 2012
The most overrated band in rock and roll history whose only claim to fame was their affinity for outlandish costumes, highlighted by face make-up and shocking antics. Most famous for two particular songs: the lyrically shallow "Rock n' Roll All Nite," and the musically unmemorable"Detroit Rock City." Originally made up of vocalist and bassist Gene Simmons, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley, lead guitarist Ace Frehley, and drummer Peter Criss. Frehley and Criss have long since left the band, likely after realizing that the band's lyrics were shallow and unimaginative and that their instrumentation was simple and forgettable.
Classic Rock Tool: Dude, have you heard Kiss? They're the loudest, most awesome band ever!

Classic Rock Pro: Sure they're loud, but they're certainly not awesome! If you want real '70s metal with crazy antics, go for Alice Cooper.
by thegreatrock September 01, 2012
The docking of food holes for fluid exchange and abrasive oral stimuli. Occasionally, the taste antennae enter the food chute of the other subject (This is still under observation). Causes minor hysteria. Kissing can be done with any orifice, or on your hand. Also, used by human men to get sex (see fucking).
Nice to meet you. Where should I Kiss You?
by Tranced July 12, 2006
Only the greatest fucking rock n roll band on the planet, they had the best rock n roll shows known to man including fire breathing drinking blood smoke bombs pyros and guitar smashing,dome people think that the name stands for knights in satans service and those people are fucking stupid.
you wanted the best and you got it the hottest band in the world KISS
by KISS FAN March 27, 2005
(1. A nice thing that a guy and a girl do to express their feelings (or to just have some fun).

(2. A 70's rock band who really were a let down. They dress just like a total heavy metal hard band. The makeup, the steel, spiked armor and axe guitar, yet listen to them. "I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night" doesn't really sound like heavy metal to me.
(1. Billy:"Dude, my girlfriend touched my lips with hers!"

Brad:"Um...That's called a kiss, dude."

(2. Brad: "Man, have you ever seen the band Kiss?"

Billy: "Yea, what about em?"

Brad: "Well, look at em! Don't they look hard-ass?"

Billy: "Uh...they suck, man."

Brad: "Oh..."
by 7-String February 16, 2010

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