a- act of affection performed by touching one's lips to something

b- Response given when someone is complaining about your behaviour or performance. Used sarcastically to show how little you actually care.
"give me kisses..."

disgruntled video gamer: "Man f u animal mother you get me every effing time!"
animal_mother: "kisses"

boss: "Tom, I am really dissappointed in your work ethic this month and wish you would stop playing video goames while on the job. Do we have an understanding?"
Tom: "Kisses"
by unemployed_tom May 30, 2006
A gateway drug.
After Sasha kissed Alan, it went all downhill.
by Just Sayin, Sir August 22, 2011
The greatest band ever to walk the earth. Known for makeup, pyrotechnics and kickass rock n roll. Pretty influential too, without KISS there would have been no Motley Crue, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Poison (although no Poison may not be a bad thing), Bon Jovi or Skid Row. Very few bands get even close to the level of awesomeness enjoyed by the guys in KISS...Aerosmith and Guns N Roses are pretty great too. Dislike of the music of KISS is generally associated with homosexuality in men. Original (and arguably best) incarnation of the band was Peter Criss (drums), Ace Frehley (lead guitar), Gene Simmons (bass), Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar). All of them sang, and pretty well too.
If you dislike KISS, you may be gagging on penis right now.
by SlashFrehley April 28, 2009
the most overrated rock group of all time. Their music consists of junior high school lyrics, example: youve pulled the trigger of my love gun, circus-like stage antics, very unsophisticated/simplistic musical forms, and a live album where the crowd noise was edited in. Only ace Frehley is considered a good musician and that was only marginally. Very few lists of great musicians will ever include any member of kiss. No serious adult fan of rock music, heavy metal or otherwise, will ever say that Kiss had great songwriting or virtuosic instrumentation. As far as marketing themselves,however, they did excel. They knew who their audience was , and how to reach them. but, so does Ashlee simpson, and she really sucks.
Kiss is the most overrated rock group of all time. I liked them when i was 8, then i heard led zeppelin and pink floyd and gave my kiss records to the "special kid" who lived next door.
by Randy seltzer August 28, 2006
when two pairs of lips make contact with each other
On July 19th, 2015 at 12:00 I went to North Beach in Burlington Vermont with a very good friend of mine who's a girl. We were able to talk a lot, lie down in silence a lot, and I even got a kiss on my cheek once. Once we got in the water, it was hard not to turn back because it was so fucking cold but we kept on going in. After we were fully submerged in the water and we were going back to the sand, we stopped to wait and warm up a bit shin deep in the water. We hugged each other and after we broke apart, she leaned in and kissed me on the mouth and I kissed back. It was nice and slow. we walked back the towel we were sharing and I faced her and we silently looked at each other for a while. I moved her hair back behind her ear and keeping my hand by her ear, I moved in again and this time, we were still going slow, but it took a longer time to end and we smiled after.
by hard boy August 15, 2015
Keep It Strong Sugar

usually said when there you are in a hail storm, cyclone and tornado all at once. usually said to people you love like your family.
Gosh today's weather is terrible... KISS with me please.
by Elfinfondils June 23, 2010
The kiss is the last part of a turd. Its the last small piece that drops out and tends to look like a hershey's kiss because it trails off at the end. A kiss can also be produced by pinching off before the turd has fully evacuated.
Somebody took a dump, got up too fast and left a kiss on the seat!
by The phreak May 05, 2012

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