a point at which the only thing you can think about are his lips on yours.
russell looked into my eyes, and my heart started to flutter. i wraped my arms around his neck and he wraped his around my waist. them we kissed. for just a short sec but it felt like a life time of happiness and love!
by Jessica + Russell<3 February 06, 2009
a hug for your lips
kissing is so lovely.
by periwinkle1996 October 07, 2010
snogging,macking,meeting,frenchin',lip lovin', gentle lip rubbin', hubba hubba hubbin'.
~Listen, you can't snog her if she's passed out man.~
~Lets go mack in the back seat~
~I don't french. I Italian.~
~Hey baby, lets make some sweet sweet lip lovin'~
*afterwards* ~HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA~
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
A very popular American rock band that was formed in the early 70's. Kiss consists of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer, and Tommy Thayer. The band has had 22 studio albums and are working on compiltaion albums. Rumors have been heard that they will start touring again in 2007.
You want to know who the best 70's rock band is? Kiss, that's who!
by Taco Sanchez August 04, 2006
the renunciation of the heart.
1) As soon as I kissed him, I felt like my heart had been handed to him.
2) The moment we kissed, i gave him my heart.
by Jus_Kiss_me March 19, 2010
A moment ONLY you & your partner can feel & experience.
A kiss should be cherished.
by iloveyah July 01, 2010
1. When a person puts his/her lips against something. Most common use: two persons put their lips together
2. The swedish word for pee.
1. I love kissing my boyfriend.
2. IngaTheBlonde: why is this rock band named after urin?
by KattenOchRaeven September 01, 2007

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