not a contract

didn't you know?
Just because you've been exploring my mouth doesn't mean you get to take an expedition further south...kiss
by number18rules May 23, 2008
a 70's rock band. they got big in 76. the original line up was Peter Criss(drums) Paul Stanley(rhythm guitar) Gene Simmons(bass) and Ace Frehley(lead guitar). they wore tight leather outfits, usually with rinestone-like things on it with 7 inch heels. they each donned a personality they showed through their face paint. Peter was the Catman, Paul was the Starchild, Gene was the Demon, and Ace was the Space Ace. they had a few cds that didnt make it big. KISS was known for its live show. the explosions, fire breathing and such. it wasnt until they released KISS Alive, a live cd, that they made it big. there was a cornicopia of merchandise from KISS lunchboxes, action figures, magazines, condoms, to the most recent KISS-opoly(a KISS monopoly). It may seem they were having a good time, but nothing good ever lasts. in the late 70's Early 80's, Peter Criss was increasingly unhappy with the way KISS was going. he left the band and was replaced with Eric Carr who was The Fox, a closeness to the Catman.Carr would die of cancer later. after Peter left, so did Ace. he was replaced with Vinnie Vincent, who was the Warrior, with an Ankh on his face. after the short lived new line up, KISS needed something new to boost the new changes. they went unmasked. without makeup, they went on to make many albums (in my opinion not as good as the ones in the 70's). when Carr died, he was replaced with Eric Singer. Vinnie left, replaced by Mark St.John. after Mark left, he was replaced by Bruce Kulick. after all the ups and downs, the original line up came back for a reunion tour. after KISS got into the swing of touring, Ace was working on a solo albumn and decided that he couldnt just leave it for KISS. Ace was then replaced by Tommy Thayer. they did a tour with Aerosmith and Peter decided to leave once more. he was replaced again by Eric Singer. that is the latest linup, Paul, Gene, Tommy, and Eric.
in my opinion, they are the best band in the world. they got a lot of shit for wearing what they did, but made music better than anything out today. the original line up is the best. its a shame we will not see it again. they are best known for their song "rock and roll all nite" but have many great songs that only true fans know of. if you dont know who they are, pick up KISS Double Platinum, and KISS Destroyer (destroyer is the best albumn they made) and take a listen. you wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the world, KISS!!!
by true classic rocker May 11, 2005
1. The act of touching (usually sucking to various degrees) somebody else's lips (or other body part of your choice) with your own. It's considered quite a big milestone (for members of both genders) when you do it for the first time ever (which is usually probably in Intermediate/Middle School, or High School), and is also considered a milestone (while not to the same degree) when you kiss a partner (whether it be your first or not) for the very first time.

2. An often underrated hard rock band most popular and successful in the 70s.

The co-operative nature of their albums often is often overlooked. Unlike most bands, both those days and these days, Kiss songs are not written and performed by only one lead singer. The original lineup of Paul, Gene, Ace, and Peter (as well as later drummer Eric Carr), all took turns writing various compositions and playing lead singer on them, and they all sing good (especially Paul Stanley). Now, how many modern bands (or even other 70s rock bands such as Led Zeppelin) can you say have the chops to do that? Not many.
1. "Lean in 3/4 and let her take the last 1/4" - Hitch

2. Type into Google, Seeqpod Music Beta, search for KISS, and listen to some of their songs for yourself.
by Dave Benson December 30, 2007
A contraction of the mouth due to an enlargement of the heart
Why are you kissing me?

Because I feel like my heart is going to explode if i dont
by greenspaz February 10, 2010
a point at which the only thing you can think about are his lips on yours.
russell looked into my eyes, and my heart started to flutter. i wraped my arms around his neck and he wraped his around my waist. them we kissed. for just a short sec but it felt like a life time of happiness and love!
by Jessica + Russell<3 February 06, 2009
The best way of affection without the guy being a dick needing included with it.
Me and kate will kiss tomorrow playing yatzii. well, if she lets me. : )
by andrew elder November 25, 2006
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