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A girl who is awesome, cool and generally excellent in every way
Girl 1: Wow you are great just like a Kirsteen

Girl 2: Thanks that really cheered me up
by davidyatube14 September 09, 2010
Pretty girl who's sensitive & very shy. Very cute & adorable, enjoys watching drama's; especially korean drama's.
My girlfriend's a Kirsteen.
by socoolikickurass September 29, 2011
Pronounced curse teen
One of the most mis-spelled names ever and if you read it before you hear it you will inevitably mis-pronounce it forever.
Derived from the english language "cursed teen".
Kirsteen is the name given to the girl that has daddy issues and will end up either being a pole dancer, prostitute, or welfare mother.
Usually big breasted and gentle natured.
Joe: Who's the stripper over there with the huge boobs?
Steve: That's Kirsteen, she's a sweetheart!
by rude06 July 31, 2009