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1) A brand of Surfboards. Kirra also sells just about anything that has to do with surfing.

2) A very Hott surfer girl
1) Kirra surfwear is a must for the summer.

2) That kirra girl is out there carving the waves better than most of those boys.
by Kirra i am June 20, 2005
most amazing girl ever makes u smile when u see her.
can make a bad day good.

bruno mars just the way you are is written about her.
he rekons his girl firends a kirra
by alfcrisisfc September 11, 2010
she is beautiful and has a great personality usually has brown or green eyes. she has a big butt and a broad chest a.k.a big boobs and can get any boy without even being popular.
i just saw kirra at the mall.
by dat _girl_ June 16, 2016
Pronounced: (Keerrraa)
Used as a form of expression of happiness, huoe, or before a rap
Mike: Hey that was fun!
by Ryan227 May 29, 2016
1.) Venereal disease in which a males genitalia will fall off and explode.

2.) Gay J-POP Band

3.) An orgy involving more then 12 MEN and 1 or more sheep.
1.) OMG RUNZ! Nejii has Kirra, he is going to EXPLODE!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

2.) Kirra Kirra's song "Salty Balls" is the new generations version of "YMCA" by the Village People.

3.) Hey there shippou, were doing a Kirra later on Stray want in?
by Hanarecca February 23, 2005
A girl who has a terrible personality. Is bad lookswise and hygenewise. Smells bad and has pointy teeth. Usually is Mexican and has green eyes. Has a large butt. Is shaped more like a pumpkin than an hourglass. Most people would describe her as a bitch. Dresses like a skank.
Guy1: Look at that fat ass!!!

Guy2: I know she's such a Kirra...

Girl1: Kirra is such a bitch!

Girl2: I know, and those slutty shorts are SO not working for her cellulite.
by Sage&Lauren October 24, 2009
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