1)The act of getting an individual extremely high and presuading them into purchasing items they dont need. Items purchased generally benefit the "Kirker."
2)The act of bullshiting beyond belief and or making empty promises to gain a free ride.
Dude, your fucking Kirking me right now.
-But you need this man? Honestly, what will you do without it?
God damn it, Alright. Lets get it.

Dude, come test drive this car with me, we'll test drive it together.
-Yeah man, ill drive because obviously you have no car.
Dude, uh, your gonna have to wait in his driveway while me and him test drive it.
-Fuck man. You fucking Kirked me.
by Die Jude November 13, 2010
Top Definition
Mainly used in the D.C. area it means to go crazy;to spaz out on someone; to over react; to curse someone out
DUde; yo what happened?
Girl: that girl tried to swizz me outta ma money
Dude:O thats why you was kirking out on her
Girl: yea i dont play that
by Tay Boo January 06, 2012
(verb) The act of rapid clicking of computer mouse buttons while computer is frozen.
See also, kirkin
She was frantically kirking trying to get the Mapquest window to close before the staff meeting.
by RemingtonSteal October 27, 2015
To have several relationships with hot women in short periods of time with no attatchment whatsoever.

Derived from Captain James T. Kirk of Star Trek TOS.
Dude, he was so kirking while he was in Austrailia, it was insane.
by Vey August 06, 2008
(verb) A term for all the times in a sci-fi show and/or movie that a character has sex with an alien. A reference to Captian Kirk from Star Trek, often used in a phrase such as "Kirking it up"
Commander Richer from Star Trek Next Generation kirking it up a lot this episode.
by DrMaskWolf February 10, 2011
The act of shitting your pants while at work or in public.
If I let this fart go I'm probably going to be kirking myself
by Vengenze June 03, 2014
doing something generous for someone else, helping or volunteering.
Wow, look at that man, he's just kirking everybody!
by thedirtydragon March 08, 2009
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