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A situation presented for the express purpose of discussion intended to highlight flaws in the idea and evolve it while exposing the moral values of the individuals involved.

The parameters of said argument constantly evolve and change with the will of the originator, thus creating an ever fluctuating topic.
"What would you do if ten naked lesbian vampires came into your room and wanted to rape you?"

"I'd leave."

"No, you can't, the door is locked."

"I'd jump out the window."

"That's sealed shut."

"Die happy."
by Dæmonite September 17, 2003
See also Sealab 2021 Pilot 3 : I, Robot
Marco: Robot body? No way! That goes against the natural order.

Sparks: Well, you'd have the strength of five men.

Marco: I got that now!

Murphy: Not five men, five gorillas! But, since you're that strong, if you try to pet a kitten, you'd crush it.

Marco: Oh, no! Poor kitty!

Murphy: Yeah.

Marco: Would I still have my rugged Latin features?

Sparks: You'd look exactly the same.

Murphy: Not me. I'm gonna be an Adrienne Barbeau-bot.

Sparks: You look the same, but you're only five feet tall.
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
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