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... a uncommonly attractive lion of a man. Often found booty grabbing, taming wild animals, and eating grilled cheese. Best enjoyed as boyfriend, but its fun to pretend you just met him.
I was walking through the grocery store Tuesday, when I was blindsided by a Kinzer. It caught me off-gaurd, needless to say we bought chocolate syrup and whipped cream.
by Dolores Smith October 04, 2007
n. One who enjoys, engages in, or has an interest in acts involving santorum. See santorum. After KS state representative Lance Kinzer (R-Olathe). From the M. Ger. kinz ("hamfisted") + zero ("loser"), from M. Eng. kah (archaic "dirty sanchez") + inzer ("to insert hamfist"), from O. Eng. kaents (interj. "major putz").
That is the most santorum-gobbling Kinzer I ever did see.
by specialagentdalecooper February 20, 2008

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