Princess Pakistan
the hottest Arab you will ever meet
always can be found playing webkinz
Why so Kinza?
by notsam&laura December 14, 2010
Top Definition
a gorgeous lady/girl!!
that lady is so kinza
by kinza September 04, 2006
Treasure/somthing of great beauty.
by MEE August 14, 2003
A gender-neutral name meaning hidden treasure.
They are a formidable foe to normal people. intelligent, strong forceful. a weird hybrid of a bully and a nerd. The sexiest person alive. They are someone who is hecka cool or awesome. Everyone else is nothing compared to a Kinza.
They are a BAD ASS MOTHA FUCKA. This person is often very good looking and usually quite daring. This person also enjoys a nice glass of wine. They are very very good looking, and oh they are a great kisser, if you meet them, you should never ever let him go.
Woah look at them! It's Kinza!

Person 1: Who is that good looking person?
Person 2: Don't you know thats Kinza!
by therealbanana June 21, 2015
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