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a gorgeous lady/girl!!
that lady is so kinza
by kinza September 04, 2006
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Princess Pakistan
the hottest Arab you will ever meet
always can be found playing webkinz
Why so Kinza?
by notsam&laura December 14, 2010
Treasure/somthing of great beauty.
by MEE August 14, 2003
Is a fat hairy beast, with a big moustache and small boobs. She gets more dick that a urinal, and more ass than a toilet. She loves being banged by several guys at once, whilst in a nissan micra with the indicators going off and the windscreen wipers. She loves her hairy armpits and plaits them on special occasions especially on Christmas for her pet goldfish and has blue waffle for breakfast.
That girl is such a Kinza, it reminds me of a blue waffle.
by AmazingGraceHowSweetTheSound December 13, 2010

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