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A little town in the south burnett where nothing exciting happens much.

Kingaroy Shire has a population of 12,500 residents and takes in an area of 2,422 square kilometres.

Kingaroy derives its name from a Wakka Wakka aboriginal word for 'Red Ant' (Kingaroori) because of a unique species of ants found in the area which have adapted to the natural colour of Kingaroy's distinctive rich red soils.

Kingaroy's only claim to fame is PEANUTS....
Harry: did you want to go back to my place or go to yours
Girl: where do you live
Harry: Kingaroy
Girl: how boring i think we'll go to mine

Bob: where do you live
Ken: Kingaroy
Bob: did you bring me any peanuts?
by kingaroygal March 26, 2010