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Ford Motor Company devotes all of it's high performance energies to the V8 Mustangs, such as "Bullit", "GT", "Mach 1", "COBRA", and "GT500".

So what do you call a V6 Mustang with over 300 HP? The slang term is "King Snake".
The SHELBY CS6 is a good example of a "King Snake". It has a SuperCharged V6 making 350 HP.
by Carman Guya October 07, 2006
The act of having a vasectomy for the sole purpose of tricking your spouse/girlfriend into believing that you are indeed trying the have a baby. The relationship between a kingsnake and a coral snake, although they may look close to the same one is far more dangerous.
Man 1: My wife wants to have a baby, so i went and had a vasectomy and did not tell her.
Man 2: oh so you went and had a Kingsnake
Man1: Yes I will be kingsnaking for the next 6 months.
by Optimustri August 10, 2011
I'm the fuckin kingsnake
someone who runs the shit
top of the food chain
Pablo Eskabar
cowlin powel
by Kingfuckensnake March 03, 2003