Title of a regular Latin King , Bush King, or Ghetto King gang member.
King Tone former head of NY LKs, King papa Sancho founder of chicago LKs
by OG Tec August 03, 2006
KING(KING)n 1. abbr k., k. a male sovereign 2. one that is supreme or preeminent in a particular group, category, or spere. 3. King. a. The perfect, omniscient, omnipotent being. b. T.I.
t.i, alex drischel(me) hunter freeman willie davies and randy sullivan, not matt shafer. (yet)
ti is the king of the south and im the king of my school
by Alex Drischel September 17, 2006
the only real government.
The king was tight so the people would say long live the king!
by Asshat January 23, 2005
50 Canadian Dollars
Victorian: How much was that murse?
Vancouverite: Dunno. .coup King?
by anomalousvikingninja September 01, 2009
Something great. See also "King Hussein" and "Oodly-do-do-sane".
"That wheelie was king"
by Evildix October 28, 2004
An act of texting meant to piss people off
Him: Baby I didn't mean to fall asleep on you

Her: K
Him: I'm being serious?
Her: K
Him: Stop K-ing me!!
by AAMC September 21, 2014
Something that is really cool or awesome.
Guy # 1: "Look at that explosion."
Guy # 2: "Yea, that's king."
by schuyler397 July 08, 2010
Used for describing the awesomeness of something. Usually used at the end of a sentence. Can be interchanged with the words: Dope, sick, cash, baller, ballin, tight, ect. Must be reserved for the best of the best comments.... not just some mediocre trash
Good Example:
LMFAO! Then he told her to get the fuck out of the car.... right after he busted... In the middle of nowhere... Oh man pfffffffff that shiiit was so king... wish I was there
by Psyan December 21, 2009
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