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In June of 2010, Gary Faulkner was detained in northern Pakistan as he attempted to cross the border into Afghanistan, armed with a pistol and a 40inch sword. He claimed to be on a mission to kill Osama Bin Laden.

As it turns out, Gary had posted on /b/ a few months earlier requesting advice on hunting down Osama. This resulted in /b/ going bat-shit insane over the fact that one of their kind went after Osama and thus crowned him king of /b/.

He know reigns along side Boxxy, King and Queen of the anus of the internet that is /b/.
Person 1: "Did you hear about Gary Faulkner? that /b/tard tried to hunt down Osama! wtf?!"
Person 2: "STFU, Long live King of /b/!"
#/b/ #4chan #/b/tard #boxxy #osama bin laden
by btard++ June 19, 2010
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a camwhore turned royalty due to epic trolling and awesome lich king shoop.

he rules over /b/ with the queen of /b/, formerly known as boxxy

he is also a death knight
The king of /b/ is awesome yeah?
#4chan #king #queen #b #camwhore #funny #meme
by epicbtard February 13, 2009
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