A television show about Vampires
Based on the RPG Vampire:The Masquerade
Kindred:The Embraced
by Julian Luna June 04, 2003
Top Definition
'Kindred' means 'akin to', in the sense of being related or similar to something. A 'kindred spirit' defines someone with similar values and desires to one's own.

In popular usage, the word is associated with the White Wolf roleplaying game "Vampire: The Masquerade" (later "Vampire: Requiem"). In this context, the word (usually capitalised) is used to refer to a single vampire, a group of vampires, or vampire society as a whole.

(It should be noted that this usage is a little awkward when used to refer to a single individual. Since the word 'kindred' defines similarity it therefore implies plurality.)
In general usage: "We've got so much in common. She's my kindred spirit."

In Vampire:
"He's one of the Kindred."
"This group could threaten all the Kindred in this city".
by Midwinter December 30, 2004
someone named kindred is normally a beautiful free spirited kind of person who will attract attention from everyone. they are unique and dont care what people think about them as long as they are happy.
"Is that kindred?"
"yeah its is."
"she is smokin."
"I know."
by xxleftxxnutxx September 24, 2011
A Brother or Sister in the Family of Vampires
You Are Kindred, are you not?
by Julian Luna June 04, 2003
Meaning who has once dated a hoe, but moved far far west to get their life back together... who runs up the sides of mountains ( like a real man) to get in shape. This person may have eyes as aqua fresh as the ocean. Usually short, but ripped out of their mind. Loves to ride the dirt on bikes of all sorts. Owns a black beautiful stallion.
you are a kindred man or a kindred brother.
by EmilyRaspberry November 04, 2010
The apprehension and extreme dislike at the thought of/ act of your family coming to visit.
"Yo, you alright? You look pissed."

"My grandma and my aunt are coming to visit for a week. I got a bad case of kindred."
by Yung Jay August 23, 2009
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