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A logarithmic scale measuring drag pageantry ineptitude. First coined to describe the owner of two failed drag pageantry systems. The scale runs from 1 to 10 with 1 denoting minor miscues grading upwards as corruption and incompetence increases all the way to a 10 for a total and complete drag pageantry disaster. Each step denotes a logarithmic increase of 10 fold.In other words a 10 is 100 times WORSE than an 8 on this scale..
Girl, that pageant was a hot mess. It rated at least a 9 on the Kincade Scale.

Dateline, Pennsylvania. The drag pageantry world was rocked by a rash of incompetence in a short lived drag pageantry system. Drag queens in the know rated it a full-blown faux pas by giving it a 10 on the Kincade Scale !
by binydeamon March 22, 2009
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