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A rather pudgy person who has a face/head resembling an onion or any other round shpaed object.

1.synonyms include but are not limited to: kimper,kimp,kimpkimpkimp...

2.Other words using "kimplet"
a. Kimped: to get owned by a Kimplet
b. Kimpey: A Kimplet with an unusually high voice (usually a ginger of the "day walker" sub-species)
here kimpkimpkimp, here kimplet, come get the snack...

why does that kimpey there always try and lower his voice when he's talking to us...it cracks me up.

shit dude,you just got kimped....by a kimpey...were no longer friends...
by Felix Vennegaldi March 04, 2008

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