Kimberley is short, sassy, and sometimes very sweet. She is a fun friend who will help you organize party after party. During those parties she will help cut the family tension by laughing and pointing out how silly something is. She is a great friend who insists on wearing riding boots in spite of not having a horse. She has a slightly twisted sense of humor and loves to laugh at her friends antics. She does not mind the humor coming from making fun of herself. She loves her friends and would rather have a few wonderful intimate relationships than many shallow ones. She loves her friends... but it is those boots... those damn riding boots that make you roll your eyes and love her at the same time!
You are not seriously going to wear those Kimberley boots, are you?
by Pixie1967 November 20, 2011
a name given to women who have too much Booty to handle.
"Kimberley Reader's Booty Makes Men Cream"
by BootyLover69 March 08, 2010
Sexxie, Adorable, fun to be around, Dates only one man at a time: doesn't go for great looking. Loves to flirt and an amazing kisser and great partner never selfish.
I'd love to meet a Kimberley
by Justin Fox May 29, 2008
A name given to the most annoying of girls. Constantly masturbating for attention on the bus in the morning. Poopsterbates at all parties she attends. This girl is hard to handle and careful boys she's like a sea urchin.
Kimberley: Nobody's listening to me! I am going to poopsterbate now.
by AgLe February 05, 2014
A person who is so shallow she causes confusion amongst many people. Clearly she does not know what she wants and has no problem falling out with one of her best friends over a light hearted joke. After falling out with them she will proceed to ignore this person for around 6 months, then go on to mess up this persons life in a way that they do not deserve.
Girl 1 - " Oh look, there's Kimberley. Lets go say hi."

Girl 2 - " I would love to but she's ignoring me :/"

Girl 1 - " oh no. Why is this?"

Girl 2 - " We've fallen out you see"

Girl 1 - " What a shame, you were such great friends aswell"

Girl 2 - " I know right. I dont think she liked my joke"

Girl 1 - " Well she does need a sense of humour."
by poo182 May 27, 2011
A town in NG16 (Nottingham) which has many fine pubs serving quality beer. Its just a shame that over half of them are full of boozed up pricks.
Despite this the town has the dishonour of being neighboured by Eastwood, possibly the worst place in Notts.
Person A: Shall we pop down Kimberley and call into the Clyde for a pint?
Person B: Yeah ok, I quite fancy a fight.
by Eart-Womb-Roll February 13, 2009

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