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adj. a name used to call the most amazing girl in the world. you know a girl is "kimball" because shes beautiful, funny, sweet, and the best girlfriend ever. If you ever have a kimball in your life, you want to be very careful because a kimball is the kind of girl u want to take home to ur parents and keep forever.
kid one: man that kids lucky,
kid two: i know hes got the only kimball in the schol

kid one: am i pretty?
kid two: yeh but your no kimball!
by Boodle690 October 28, 2010
A complicated young man who likes to rant about his own skewed views of life.

Hates politics, yet rants about the subject often. Strongly hates Mike Huckabee with a passion.

Possible friends with a wizztard.

Has mood swings between mildly depressed, and manically depressed, but never suicidally depressed.

A Kimball often has very bad taste in movies and food.

Can be found consuming pretzels and skim milk on a daily basis.

Believes Cedric the Entertainer is a snappy dresser.

Has low self esteem, but has high confidence that he will make much more money than me someday.

Will probably live forever, is a very nice person and deserves to have a hot girlfriend. Preferably Asian.

I hate Mike Huckabee, your such a kimball.
by Soulja boy up in that hoe February 18, 2008

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