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School succeeds more of a college type deal to kill off a student. If student is dead they celebrate having a good senior class trip. With thier sacrifice it is extra money to sponsor.
Function of Northern Lehigh School District: year of 2001. Espestous renovation process in the middle school of NL. Killed off a whole bus stop; no point. The bus stop itself actually moved across the street. Drove past the same spot, same effort, time, money and attention; everything not for sacrifice. The bus was half full. Getting rid of 5 of the kids greatered thier chances of ripping at least one family off.

The girl was smart and beautiful. They felt threatened by her. Didn't like her disguises she wore to school or her camera to catch thier every glich.

She walked home, only when it was cool for she had bad feet and bad knees. She needed her friends by her side at the drop of a dime. Past the crazy asylum, honked at, harrassed, assaulted on the street, lost wieght from stress, aches, cramps, rosecea in the future, horrible odors infested the environment, harrassed by the teachers at school, headaches, bullied, put down by Big Red and belittled. Suffering in pain in school, then dirtied from streets.
Today she goes on to get foot surgery and talks to her friends that had a good graduation and senior party, although some were doing alot of illegal drugs.
The Killing of Kenny might have been started by the greeks using people as a form a trade called slavery.

The Killing of Kenny adopted arcs to thier school for education; or was is slavery?

The Killing Of Kenny in the Killer Bulldog School District.
by europopean October 15, 2009
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