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A non-sexual object (i.e. a carrot) women use for masturbation that causes the death of a woman by means of foreign substances entering the respiratory or circulatory systems through a tear in the vaginal walls from the use of said object.

Note: A queef will force said object out of the clitoris and, thus, negate its title as a killdo.
Dude, did you see "1000 Ways to Die" last night? Some chick died from masturbating with a carrot. They called it a killdo.
by TheToastedRoach May 05, 2009
A dildo that's got a hidden weapon inside.
Ryan: "Bro, did you hear what happened to Mikey?"
Rick: "Yeah, I heard his Tinder hookup stabbed with a killdo."
by gangry October 13, 2015

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