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Underground Rock Rap band comin out with a new album entitled Blessed wit thy wicked,4 crazy juggalos from Flordia
Guy 1:oh shit Killa Klown Boyz!
Guy 2:who are they?
Guy 1:their underground dude and they are the muthafucking shit!!!
by Azimoth November 11, 2007
Florida's Favorite Underground artists,Rock,Grindcore,Rap
The artists are:J Thy Killa,Azimoth Hatchet,Spectre,and Psychodeath,will send their shit to Psychopathic Records
guy 1:oh shit Its Killa Klown Boyz
guy 2:who?
guy 1:oh nevermind your just a fuckin loser if you don't know them
by Azimoth November 11, 2007
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