A beautiful, nice person. But if you make her mad, watch out. Close to perfect. Caring and unselfish.
Ex.1: Kid: "Hey, remember Kiley yesterday?"
Friend: "Hell yeah, she totally told that guy off."

Ex.2: Boy: "Woah! Did you see what she did for that guy!?"
Friend: "Yeah! She's so Kiley!"
by Stallion Wolfe August 23, 2009
Top Definition
The Better Way of spelling "Kylie"
That bitch Kylie ain't got NOTHIN on Kiley
by Ki February 27, 2005
Cute, smart, funny, amazing girl with a nice personality. She has the cutest smile and the most adorable laugh. She always puts other people before herself. She always knows what to say and she will be your bestfriend. Her eyes are gorgeous and you will fall in love with her once you look into them. She is a strong individual and never gives up no matter how hard it is. She will put a smile on your face
My girlfriend Kiley is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
by Kevinloveskiley January 14, 2013
A girl who is just an amazing person. She has an awesome personality and makes an amazing friend. She is smart, funny, and loves to make people smile/laugh. She is the best friend a person could ever ask for. She would do anything for those she cares about.
Guy1: Damn. That girl is awesome, funny, and smart.
Guy2: Yea, she's such a Kiley.
by jake from state farm1214 April 06, 2013
a hot kinky girl. known to get on a boy from each state. they love her nice body and personality
"dude did you get on kiley last night in Marlyland?!"
by johnny11111 January 06, 2008
She is beautiful and outgoing in every way. She is loud and creative. She is kind and considerate, and athletic too! She has many friends who love her and complete her life. She is the person to hang out with. She does right to every person she meets, and is very trustworthy.
Kiley is the friend to have.
by piggyporker13 November 25, 2014
a really sexy lady who has a nice butt and i would like to get in bed with!
man kiley looks so yummy !
by taylorannissexy November 29, 2010
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