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A group of Pollacks who seemingly run an Electronics division of a technical school in central Connecticut.
\\\"Wow, those Pollacks must have some kind of connection, huh?\\\"
\\\"Well, duh, they\\\'re all part of the Kielbasa Squad, just liketheir instructor, Jarosz.\\\"
by Librom December 01, 2006
the kielbasa squad is a group of polish immagrants in new britain, ct that are fresh off the boat. these aren't juss regular immagrants eitha these are those america sucks immagrants. the kielbasa squad has all da advantages possible for them cuz dey r sent 2 the class wit da polish biased teacher. it consists of 2 main ppl cezary and sum otha polska man named adrian. so in other words fuck the kielbasa squad and fuk those poland bastards who think dere betta das y dey came here n e wayz.
"i can't believe the kielbasa squad got 2 go see that movie" he said
"i kno rite those fuckin polish bastards" i said
by Jimmy Cre. December 01, 2006

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