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Family name of European underworld empire, much like the Mafia. Originally from Germany, the Kieft family has descended into Wales, England, Scotland, Switzerland and Australia. Reputedly having strong connections to the Nazis in Germany in the 1940's, the Kieft family has been suspected of involvment in many European criminal organisations and operations. Convicted Kieft family members include Preston Kieft of the Dublin Ashton Gang, Cyril Kieft (Yorkshire serial killer), Frayer Kieft, and three members of the Kieft-Lancastire family after attempting to infiltrate Scotland Yard. A sector of the Kieft family moved to Australia in the late 1980's, supposedly to escape indictment after the family was suspected of being involved with the human trafficking trade, and having strong connections with the Welsh/Turkan drug trade.
"The Kieft family are an extremely formidable organisation, caution is advised when dealing with them"
by Domenica Cruz March 30, 2008

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