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He who enjoys practicing his fiddling technique upon unsuspecting members of the younger generation (with no pubic growth).
Oi get out of my child's trousers, you dirty Kiddie Fiddler
by Gary Glitter May 29, 2003
95 12
one who fiddles with kiddies
you are such a kiddie fiddler
by Speedracer August 26, 2003
55 21
One who enjoys the company of those under the age of 16. A bit too much.
I heard that guy Leorae is a kiddie fiddler. He's chatting up a 14 yr old boy!
by MrsGraham November 03, 2008
22 7
Derogatory name for a paedophile, or someone who goes for partners of a much younger age.
"Shut it ya kiddie fiddler"
by Kev October 05, 2003
12 22
my dad
my dad
by joe bloggs September 05, 2003
59 69
a teacher
He still's got his fly open.
Just had some work on on the little ones done in the break.
No surprise, he's a kiddie fiddler.
by Emu Lgator February 05, 2004
31 56