A guy I guess from Cleavland Ohio, but I really don't know where the hell this loser is from. This ass jockey raps, Kids all think he's the bomb.com but I never hear his spins on the radio. This shit bird should go back to cleavland, and get a job washing cars or flipping burgers and he should finish school. Cause his raps sound like craps ! !
Emilie: hey did you guys hear the new kid cudi ? ?

Doria : umm Who ? ?

Claudia: well ahhh Yes ! we did.

Jack: Is that the new country western guy,girls ?

Doria: WAIT ! ! ! kid who ? who is this guy i never heard of him !

Claudia: yes, we heard him !

Claudia aside to Doria: shut up dummy ! or she's gonna go on her rant about this idiot !

Doria: ohh yeah ! i heard him. he rocks ! um i mean raps !

Jack : hey is that the guy from Metallica ? ?
I love those guys ! !
#shit bird #ass clown #kid cudi #metallica #raps
by jack the wack March 24, 2010
A "rapper" who everyone thinks is from Cleveland but really, he is from Shaker Heights. A very up-scale suburb of Cleveland, where doctors raise stuck up children.

Shaker Heights, back in the 50's or so, put up a gate to thier community so the "black ghetto youth" as they called it, wouldn't move into thier town and destroy it.
Faggot: Hey yo Kid Cudi is the sheeeeeit, CLEVELAND REPRESENT SON!!!

Me: He is from Shaker Heights, what a joke...
#kid #cudi #cleveland #rapper #shakerheights
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