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Something that is so fucking awesome that it can't be reffered to as "kool" or "awesome" it has to be called "Kick Face"
"Dude that concert was so fuckin Kick Face!"
by Aprizzal May 25, 2006
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too awesome to be put into words
"oh my gosh i love your sneakers."
"i know right! aren't they kickface?!"
by Legal Seafood April 04, 2008
where things that are kick ass are really cool, things that are kick face are really annoying, so annoying that you would like to kick who ever is responsible in the face.
The girls in my science class kept on talking really loudly. It was totally kick-face.
by BB11 May 19, 2010
A person that is very unattractive and looks like they have just been kicked in the face.
Did you see that chick?

Who the kick face?

Yeah the kick face!
by german_soldier01 June 03, 2005
When something or someone is very loved, well liked, and is cool.
Man that band is so kick face.
by SammyPancakes July 26, 2006

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