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A term I invented back in 99
it means tha same thing as kick ass.
Also can be used in the past tense as in "that kicked dick"
Adam is walking into the sunset all badass
tha kid that Adam just helped fix his robocop action figure yells to him
KID:Hey mister, you kick ass
Adam stops, turns his head to him, and says
ADAM:"Your Wrong... I kick dick"
and Adam walks off with his badassitudeness

by Adam fukin Menendez March 03, 2007
To be lazy and to not do anything useful or to do nothing at all
- What have you been doing today?
- Nuthin' just kickin' dick

He is too lazy all he does is just kick dick all day
by fkeller May 03, 2010
1.) A kick that was intended to strike the scrotum but slightly missed the intended target. Thus, the kicking foot impacts into the penis rather than the testicles.
2.) A violent move in which someone kicks someone else in the penis as a warning of where the next kick will strike.
Jennifer warned John that she would Kick Dick him if he didn't shut up.
by Jennifer22 October 17, 2007
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