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Kezziah is a natural beauty with an amazing personality. She's so funny and always there for you. She is unknown to how beautiful she is and lacks self esteem sometimes. She is also intelligent. Shes very flirty. She knows right from wrong most of the time. Kezziah sometimes has a slow reaction to things ( an example could be if a joke is told it might take kezzia a few mintues before she gets it ) She's a girl you'll have awesome funny memories with. She can be a bitch at times but If you ever find a kezziah, hold on to her. Shes always gonna be there for you in the end. Any guy would be lucky to have a kezziah in his life. Shes kind and caring and has beautiful eyes. She'll be your bestfriend.
Boy 1: i think im fallin' for kezziah
Boy 2: go for it dude
by spongebob123 August 27, 2012
Kezziah or a Kizzie is a term to describe when someone is being very sly.
God you are such a Kizzie.
Stop doing a Kizzie.
Stop doing a Kezziah.
by Mike_Hall_ December 11, 2010
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