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Keyboard lag occurs when you buy a new keyboard for your computer. Common symptoms of keyboard lag include:

-Excessive amount of typos.
-Jizz Bones happen every 10 minutes or so.

Keyboard lag shouldn't be confused with Keyboard location lag which is when you misspell words due to your keyboard being 1cm off it's usual space.

To prevent keyboard lag you need to throw eggs at your keyboard, slam your penis on the space bar and smother it in tartar sauce. If you do this every day for a week you should be able to type normally - This is called the Keyboard Speed Solution.
"I got a new keyboard the other day, I keep on making typos with it. I'm doing the Keyboard Speed Solution everyday and I'm slowly improving!"
"Damn, thaos keybaord lag si rwally annotign me"
"I hate it when I get keyboard lag"
by WhosTheGman July 11, 2013
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