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One who types really loudly and obnoxiously and seems as if they are beating the keyboard. One who slams their fingers on to each key that you could hear them type from two doors down.
That girl is such a keyboard attacker! she needs to simmer down!
by CCA October 29, 2005
Striking the computer keyboard keys loudly, an unbreakable habit aquired from leaning to type on an old Royal manual typewriter.
My coworkers always complain because I'm a keyboard attacker - the fact is, I learned to type on an old (it was old even then) manual machine where you had to beat the keys to make then strike hard enough to make a decent carbon copy.
by Deb1955 November 03, 2005
An internet stalker/attacker.
I talked to her a few times, but she turned out to be a keyboard attacker.
by BEldridge November 03, 2005
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