Key Club is part of the KIWANIS Family (as well as KIWIN'S).

Key Club claims to do community service but in reality, it's just a bunch of immature high-schoolers who is lazy and does not serve the society. They merely joined just to make their transcript look good for college. Not only that but they often like to think that they are superior to KIWIN'S. (Please see KIWIN'S for more information)
Bob: Hey, let's join that club!
Jack: Nahh, I'm gonna join KEY CLUB!
Bob: Uhh, why? I heard that the club is barely active...
Jack: As long as it looks good on my transcript then I don't care!
by thatoneperson September 28, 2007
A national organization of high schoolers involved in community service. However, there isn't a theme or goal that holds it together. It's a bunch of people trying to get into college and feel good about themselves without actually having to think or select a cause of personal significance.
some kid: Hey everyone in Key Club (I don't know your names. Just listen!) Let's go rake leaves for senior citizens next week!! They sure need our help!

a non-member: What about helping the people that really need it, like...oh, I don't know, those in third world countries, the disenfranchised, inner-city people?

some kid: Those lazy asses! They don't deserve our help! Besides, we'll probably get shot in the process. We don't want to involve ourselves too much now...
by sweewoh May 14, 2006

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