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Kevball is basically informal football that's much more fun than regular football. Kevball must be taken lightly by its participants and the aim of the game is to have fun - being serious about the game defeats the object of the exercise.

Can be played anywhere, a pitch is not needed - back gardens to train station carparks will do and using jumpers for goalposts is perfect. Positions are also optional as is being sober.
'Mate, I found a ball on my walk up to the station - fancy a game of kevball in the carpark?'

'I'm quite drunk, fancy some kev in the back garden?'
by ¯`·.·•Jambo•·.·`¯ March 22, 2007
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a negative slang name for a footballer, kev meaning the same as chav in this sense. usually kev ballers are girl, generally lesebians who play football, badly.
check out those dirty kev ballers

by ministy of talula April 26, 2009
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