Derived from the (Y) sign used on instant messaging, as this looks slightly like a vagina. So, when you thumbs up someone, you're calling them a cunt. Taking this further, when a fireman thumbs up you, he's calling you a cunt. Kettles were originally heated by fire, which is put out by firemen, so Kettle became slang for cunt.
she had a right bucket of a kettle!
by thekettle June 27, 2011
Top Definition
Used in London, UK to refer to a wrist watch.
i moved to him for his kettle.
by LondonSlangMonger August 04, 2009
An abbreviated response based on the expression, "That's like the pot calling the kettle black." It is a response made when the speaker has just said something that the listner thinks the speaker is just as guilty of as whoever the speaker was criticizing.
"I can't believe he went through the buffet line again."
"Kettle! Didn't you go for extra desert!"
by Ms. D April 27, 2006
An irregular air traveler (1-2x/year) who feels entitled to use first class and premium check-in counters, attempts to board during first class or elite boarding groups. Kettles are often oblivious to boundaries such as curtains separating first class from main cabin, or by crowding around Priority boarding lanes to prevent premium customers from accessing them.
Airline passenger traveling with too much luggage both out of touch with and unaware of airport boarding and security procedures is a Kettle.
by N979AN June 22, 2010
to incarcerate or restrain temporarily
Police officers illegally kettled peaceful climate activists at the G20 protests in 2009 to stop their gathering being "hijacked" by violent protesters from another demonstration, the high court has heard. --Guardian 23 March 2011
by garda March 23, 2011
Rural drudges, no class, slovenly, aversive to hard work, dim as a used up bulb. The Kettles were originally a family portrayed in American comic films in the 1940s and '50s (the first was "The Egg And I", portraying life on a chicken / egg farm, the last "The Kettles on Old Macdonald's Farm".) In the first movie, the slow-thinking and lazy Pa and Ma Kettle, with their fifteen children, win a tobacco slogan writing contest and get a modern house with electronic gadgetry they can not fathom. Today, the term is occasionally used to describe an uncouth dufus, a rude lout, someone who completely ignores politeness and common knowledge, someone who might act like an unschooled, ignorant rural clod.
These kettles boarded the plane and proceeded to place their infant in the overhead baggage bin, as he spit tobacco juice on the aisle carpet.
by JDiver May 15, 2010
To be stressed out

Originates from the household appliance creating steam that builds up pressure inside the kettle.
Dude dont worry about that exam
your getting a bit too kettle
by Keats September 18, 2004
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