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The act of using excessive amounts of effects in photoshop when editing photos.
i.e. At least 80% of the picture is obscured by after-effects.
He totally Kesslered that picture.

He pulled a Kessler on that one!

You're Kesslering that picture, man.
by mrgoofball November 10, 2012
To purchase large quantities of local, craft beer for the sole purpose of reselling (muling), usually to markets where that beer is unobtainable or is only available in extremely limited quantities. It may also refer to someone willing to forego paying monthly debts using that money instead on the purchasing of large quantities of beer for trading, muling, or personal consumption.
That beer was kesslered so fast by the time I got off work all of it was sold out!
by certainlynotahealey February 20, 2014
The unexplainable particles in human feces
Dude I don’t know what was in those burritos, but you should have seen the kesslers in my poo.
by PooPoo324 December 03, 2008
A reference to a driver who insists on driving at speeds significantly less than the speed limit, usually in a box-shaped car.
"Speed it up, you're driving like a Kessler!"
by Angry Driver March 15, 2008

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