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Keshan (noun), alt. Ke$han - a term used to identify female teenage to young-adult aficionados of American entertainer Ke$ha. These individuals embody the general subject matter of said artist's songs including: sluttiness, drunkenness, insatiable hunger for penis, losing shoes, a penchant for waking up in strangers' homes, disregard for personal hygiene, self-respect, or safety and generally frivolous life choices.
"Dude, if you see a chick in a Taco Bell parking lot at 3 AM dancing barefoot in a neon headband, you have a Keshan on your hands and she is definitely DTF."
by theRicksauce March 26, 2010
A beautiful woman. A woman of high intelligence. Usually a mother of beautiful children. One who is good at anything she does. If Greek, she would have the body of a goddess and mind of a philosopher.
by Anonymous jimbob February 04, 2010
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