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Usually a female, who is bright, charmingly polite and gorgeous *both on the inside and out* Rakes in the men and is true to her friends and family.
Oh man! The girl is such a Kerys!

Fuck dude I really want a Kerys
by BecauseImSoCoolLikeThatDuh June 19, 2011
a woman who is generous, gentle and caring. make great moms and have a natural flare for the arts. Great lovers if you can catch one. Take great care of family and friends.
You're such a great Kery to me.
by elvira2342 February 03, 2010
A girl with incredible strengths, very artistic, and full of love for family and friends. Beautiful and kind, gentle and giving.
Thanks for being such a Kery.
by elisepretty February 03, 2010
A guy thats completely awesome in every single way.
Random Guy #1: Did you see what Kery just did? That was so cool.
Random Guy #2: It's Kery, everything he does is like that.
by Thatsrite! February 23, 2011
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