A man of great knowledge, insight and talent. He is a musician and poet who is the descendant of kings. A troubled soul who searches for the truth to enlighten the masses. Very few are able to truly understand his depths.
There are no words to describe you're greatness....you're so Kerri!
by anonymous p/l January 12, 2013
Top Definition
A Abnormal Girl But Has A Seemingly Sexy Personality
Wow That Chick Kerri Is So Weird.But I Still Shes Funny As Hell.
by Immortal Queen October 21, 2008
An amazingly beautiful girl. She has the sexiest lips and the cutest smile too. She is the girl of any man's dreams. Any man would be lucky to have her.
Kerri is so amazing! She is the only girl I ever dream about.
by TV<3KD October 16, 2010
Wild and often kinky with a affinity for the brothas. Who always keeps you guessing and on your toes. NOt afraid to kick your a** even if your a cop! You could set a cup on that booty and often a fiery red head
Yo' man you seen that kerri around lately she looks like she'd be hard to handle but I'm willing to give it a try!
by Black DAddy Mac January 29, 2010
Kerri is a girls name it was the 436th most common name in the US in 1990

Gender: Female
Origin: Irish
Meaning: Dark-Haired

"Hey look Kerri is over there!"
"i'll be back soon im going to go ring Kerri"
"lol! Kerri is so funny
by MissSexy April 18, 2007
Extremly Silly Girl. Laughs at random things and also do random things. Loved by plenty Hated by many. But she is AWESOME and very very Sexy
by Crystal Sky Holandsburg June 07, 2011
A girl who posses this name is often wild, curvaceously pin up like and brunette. Petite soft lips and and pale smooth skin and weirdly humorous at times. However she has a fiery temper and is not afraid to take it to the maximum! Loves to read, and has a emotional side.
"Damn that Kerri's hot, especially when she's mad ;)"
by raychanders January 17, 2012
A beautiful young woman. Usually tan, short, and outgoing. Kerri is funny, bubbly, loving and caring. Shes got a booty, and a nice rack.
"Damn, Kerri's got a booty, and shes so amazing!"
by person495720968 September 27, 2011
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