:(verb) Kerrn·err
Definition of KERN'ER
transitive verb
: to throw a drunk woman over your shoulder, after she has had to much to drink and will not leave your apartment. So by force she is thrown over a shoulder and thrown in bed without an option other than going to sleep. CAUTION: drunk bitch will attempt to stay under any circumstances, do not give in. Also when putting to bed..make sure trash can is available for potential up-chucking

Used in a sentence: " Yo man, just Kern'er on home. She can't stay here no more."
by Cuppy Coffee January 24, 2011
Top Definition
Mispronunciation of the common name Connor. Usually occurs while yelling.

Developed to the point where Connor is given the nickname "Kerner". Also known as "Kern" for short.
When friends greet or congratulate "Kerner" they may say "Kernsauce!" in an enthusiastic voice.
Friend 1: "Hey I see Connor across the street!"
Friend 2: "Call to him!"
Friend 1: "Kernerr!!"
by Kerner June 13, 2013
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