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In some instances they are the sweetest, hottest, sexiest chics out there. They tend to be a bit jealous sometimes, but over all they are really nice people. They are always loveable, but if someone stands in the way of what they want, watch out. Absolutely adore theirs boyfriends, and sometimes get over-protective - Girls, you stay away
WOW, That is such a sweet girl, she must be a Keriann !

OMG! That girl is so protective , must be a keriann!
by Duuddddeeee101 February 09, 2011
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is known to be a selfish child. Kerianns tend to obsess over having a boyfriend and talk of nothing else until the point to where friends will ignore starting conversations with her. they are rude, dishonest, attention hogs, and ultimately uncaring of others well-beings.
girl: “Oh my goodness! That girl is so annoying!”
boy: “Must be a Keriann.”
girl: “Yupp.”
by easternchick92 August 25, 2010
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