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Kent Place is a non-religious all-girls school (just because it's all girls doesn't mean its full of lesbians). It's an AMAZING school where every girl gets into a fucking good college. It's brother schools are Oratory and Delbarton, and is normally compared to Oak Knoll, even though in lists of the best high schools in New Jersey, the two can't even be compared. Oak Knoll think their the hot shit when in fact Kent Place has the hottest fucking girls in NJ.
Kent Place School is the fucking best.
by abf83yoweagr March 31, 2011
The best all-girl's private school in New Jersey, filled with girls who know how to achieve every dream and every goal they set their minds to. The are all gorgeous by definition becuase being pretty is a requirment for being accepted. They respect themselves and others and are above putting people down. They love star, wooden lockers, Chumley, starbucks, uggs and northfaces.
wow i wish i could go to kent place school!!
by jerseygirl131313 March 27, 2011
A semi-good all girls private school in Summit, NJ. They are all fake bitches who think that they are all that but are really not. They aim high for good colleges, sports championships, and even guys. But they fail at it all. This school is home to sluty girls who throw themselves at guys, at dances, but fail every single time. They have some money so they think they deserve everything. They think they are good enough for the Delbarton guys, but they think there sluts, so they aim lower for the Oratory guys and get them, but lets face it thats becasue no one else wants them.
I saw a Kent Place School girl at a dance getiing REJECTED!!!!!!!!
by Kent Hell January 06, 2011

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