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A commonly used nickname for the name Dude. Also referring to a very sexy and seductive.
Joey- Hey did you see that Kennon over there?
Bob- Hell yeah shes sexy AND sedcutive!
by kjsflkjdflkjadf June 10, 2008
The most wonderful person you can meet. He's sweet, funny, always making someone smile, and has incredible manners. He's protective, which makes him even more lovable, and the name is very rare, uncommon. He's athletic, handsome, and every girl wishes he was with them. He sometimes can be second guessing, but hes amazing in every way possible. Dreamy, sexy and seductive, but also a true gentleman.
Girl 1: Whos that? Girl 2: Kennon. Girl 1: Omg, the kennon!?
by BabyfayceAngel May 08, 2011