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A very loyal, cool, and popular person. Makes friends very easily, intelligent, someone people love to be around. Kind hearted, but also has a mean streak. LOVES to have fun, and hang out. Also has a wild side!
by Kennediiscool January 03, 2012
KENNEDI!!!! Also goes by edi, and teddy. A fun, gorgeous girl with amazing style. She can make anyone laugh with all her stories and prank calls.... an amazing singer, and no one can hate her!!!! Everyone loves her <3 !!!!! Including all the guys, she better watch out!!!! She makes them throw up in a good way... And her eyes are rubies...
kennedi's prank calls:
teddy: do you know who this is!!!
Playboy bunny: no
teddy: okay we will do it one more time!.... Hi yeah mandy
bear: Hi ken!
teddy: wanna go for a ride
bear: sure ken
teddy: hop in!!!

both: im a barbie girl in a barbie world......
by mandybearlove December 30, 2011
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