The red-clad shotokan fighter from the Street Fighter series, who was originally white, but the racist Japanese makers of the game retconned him so that he is only 1/4th white, and 3/4th Japanese, to screw around with the white fans.
Dude 1: I am so happy that one of the main guys in a Japanese game for once is white. I'm picking Ken Masters!
Dude 2: Sorry, but Ken has been retconned to be Asian, now.
Dude 1: That's dissapointing... :(
#street fighter #ryu #japanese #white #asian
by Ortonist Prime September 12, 2006
Top Definition
Ken Masters is a fighter from USA whom was sent by his father to master Gouken. There he trained under his Gouken along with Ryu under a fighting style called Ansatsuken. Ken's primary focus is on the Shoryuu principle which is why his Shoryuken move is characterized with flame while Ryu follows the Hadou principle.

The difference between the Ansatsuken twins is mainly in their moves. Ken has a stronger Shoryuken and multi-hitting Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku(Hurricane Kick) while Ryu as a single hit knockdown Hurricane kick and a stronger and faster Hadoken.
I just beat the **** out of you with Ken Masters! PWNED!
#street fighter #ken #capcom #ansatsuken twin #japanese
by Schewagzer12 August 01, 2007
best friend of ryu and fellow follower opf shotokan karate

street fighter 11
ha HA HA i just shoryukened you wit ken bich
by xion May 11, 2005
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