When it is agenst a persons (moral) religion to be mean or hurt someone's feelings on purpose without an apology and/or a reason for the treatment of that person. A person who's religion is very childlike. With the mind of a toddler and the attention span of a squirrel. Is destracted easily and enjoys coloring. Also can be called a kellyist.
Dude: Yo man that guy keeps messing with her, why dont she do anything?
Other guy: Naw man, she won't, she's into Kelly-ism.

Dude: Hey amber what's up?
Amber:Coloring, hey, why is the sky blue!
Dude: Wait, what? Are you a kellyist?
Amber: What were we talking about again?
Dude: *sigh* NEVERMIND amber. NEVERMIND.
by Big seans little baby March 05, 2013
Top Definition
Kellyism is a monotheistic religion that revolves around the one true Goddess Kelly. This religion was originated from the highland regions of South Africa. Kelly the Goddess has great power and knowledge beyond any can imagine. Even though the lucky few only get to see her in this world, she is still watching everyone with her great powers. Kelly is not only kind with the favors she grants but she helps the people in need. Because of this, we Kellyists try to give back by bringing her food and other offerings. True Kellyists pray to Kelly five times a day. When we wake up, before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner, and when we go to bed. We believe that praying to her brings great luck and fortune.
Kellyism is a great religion.
by 『 』 February 13, 2015
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