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When it is agenst a persons (moral) religion to be mean or hurt someone's feelings on purpose without an apology and/or a reason for the treatment of that person. A person who's religion is very childlike. With the mind of a toddler and the attention span of a squirrel. Is destracted easily and enjoys coloring. Also can be called a kellyist.
Dude: Yo man that guy keeps messing with her, why dont she do anything?
Other guy: Naw man, she won't, she's into Kelly-ism.

Dude: Hey amber what's up?
Amber:Coloring, hey, why is the sky blue!
Dude: Wait, what? Are you a kellyist?
Amber: What were we talking about again?
Dude: *sigh* NEVERMIND amber. NEVERMIND.
by Big seans little baby March 05, 2013